LC Plaunt: Educator, Copy Editor, Ghostwriter



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Copy Editing

The purpose of copy editing is to ensure the accuracy, consistency and completeness of documents. This involves finding and correcting errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Copy editing also requires choosing a style and following it consistently. The choice of style depends on the type of document and the target audience. Many businesses and academic institutions require their staff and students to use one particular style guide for all documents or assignments. For example, when I was in the Master of Education program at Western University, all of my assignments followed the APA style. Many academic and business publications follow The Chicago Manual of Style. Christian documents are often edited according to The Christian Writer's Manual of Style which uses Chicago style as its foundation, but addresses further issues that arise when writing about a biblical text.

As your editor, I will follow the style guide that you prefer, or I can recommend one to you that will suit your document.

A more detailed list of the services I offer is available on the Writing Services page.


Have you always wanted to tell your story, but you don't want to do the writing, or you don't have the time? Do you have information you want to share, but you are not sure how to organize it? If you provide me with the details, the research, or the history, I will write the story for you. I will communicate with you at regular intervals to be sure that the book is a reflection of you. When it is ready, you can proceed to publication in any way you choose. Your book will have your name on it. As with all of my services, confidentiality is assured.

As your ghostwriter, I will take the research or story that you provide and turn it into the format you desire. Since you are providing the information, you are considered the author. Depending on what type of document it is, you may choose to credit me as co-author, editor, or not at all.


I have three university degrees that are all related to language:

  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Language
  • Bachelor of Education (French Second Language, English)
  • Master of Education (Curriculum Studies)


I love language, and I have been studying it in one way or another for most of my life. I became an Ontario Certified Teacher of French as a Second Language and English in 1992. Writing and editing have been a part of my professional and personal life for even longer.

I specialize in non-fiction:

  • academic (ethical standards apply)
  • education
  • inspirational
  • devotional
  • self-help
  • how-to
  • history
  • biography
  • auto-biography

Other Stuff

I am Canadian. I have experience with both British and American spelling and punctuation, as well as the fine line that Canadians walk between the two.

My daily routine is to create, write or edit in the morning. I will read and respond to emails later in the day.

I am in the Eastern time zone.

Contact Me

If you think that I can be of assistance to you, please send me a message, and let me know what you need.

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