LC Plaunt: Educator, Copy Editor, Ghostwriter

Ethical Standards

For academic theses and dissertations, my ethical standards are based on the guidelines set out by the Editors' Association of Canada.

  1. The student must obtain written permission for professional editing from the thesis supervisor. All parties concerned (student, supervisor, and editor) must understand what editing is permitted by the academic institution. An explanation of my services can be found on the Writing Services page. All parties must sign a contract outlining the agreed-upon services.

  2. Theses will not be edited for content or structure. Unless specified more strictly, they may be edited for grammar, idiom, punctuation and spelling. Unclear sentences may be mentioned, but they will not be rewritten.

  3. Citations will not be supplied or amended.

  4. If applicable, a copy of the signed ethics approval (for research with humans or animals), including any approved amendments to the protocol, must be provided to the editor.

  5. Acknowledgement of the editor must be made in the thesis.