LC Plaunt: Educator, Copy Editor, Ghostwriter

Writing Services


  • creating a manuscript based on material provided by client
  • client is recognized as author

    Copy Editing

  • correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary
  • Canadianizing—adapting American or British documents for a Canadian audience
  • ensuring consistency of facts, style and citations

    Second Check

  • second copy edit after revisions have been made
  • If the second check is not required within two weeks, the first contract will be closed, and a second contract will be opened when needed.

    Structural Editing

  • changing the organization of a document to provide better clarity or flow

    Stylistic Editing

  • eliminating jargon and clichés
  • clarifying meaning


  • changing language complexity (longer or shorter sentences; more formal or more casual; more academic or more personal)
  • adjusting reading level to suit intended audience

    Fact Checking

  • verifying facts according to original sources

    Quotation Checking

  • verifying quotations according to original sources

    Citation Checking

  • verifying citations according to original sources


  • creating an index of terms and themes with corresponding page numbers from your document


  • transforming transcripts of spoken lectures or keynote addresses into readable prose


  • final check after editing and rewriting is complete
  • checking for consistency in layout (page numbers, page breaks, etc.)
  • checking for consistency of style


  • written explanation of why I made the changes or suggestions that I did

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design services are also available through a colleague. Let me know what you need.


    Fees are based on the type and length of document and the required services. Each project is assessed individually.


    No part of your document will be shared outside of my office without your permission.


    Although I will endeavour to make your document the best it can be, you, the author, are responsible for the words written in your name. You have the final say.

    Before requesting my services, please consider the following questions.

    1. What is your deadline date?

    2. Who is the intended audience?

      Relevant factors:
    • age
    • education level
    • type (business, academic, general)
    • English Second Language
    • nationality (British or American spelling)

    3. Does the document contain technical terminology that would be understood by the intended audience, but not by a general audience?

    4. Is there a style guide that you prefer?

    • Chicago Manual of Style
    • APA
    • Associated Press
    • Christian Writer's Manual
    • Your Own
    • Other (Please specify.)

    If you are unsure, I would be happy to recommend one.

    When you are ready to start your project, send me a message and let me know how I can help.

    Please fill out each field.