LC Plaunt: Educator, Copy Editor, Ghostwriter


Love your edits, LC! Thanks so much! They will have an editor look at it, but I'd rather have it as clean as I can going in!
Item edited: magazine article

I can't believe how many errors you snagged! I totally didn't notice any of the spelling mistakes (obviously).
Item edited: blog post

Thanks again for your work. You rose to the challenge. I was impressed that you dug out the citation details.
Item edited: online academic course material derived from transcribed lectures

I have listened to Grammar Girl's book (and podcasts) several times (still don't understand affect vs effect so I go with what sounds right). I own The Chicago Manual of Style, latest edition, and several other books on self-editing. AND I took a university course on editing. But I couldn't' write clean copy if my life depended on it.
Item edited: blog post

Thank you for your incredible hawk eye. What a talent. Thank you for sharing it with this "humanitarian cause of our time".
Item edited: press release

Thank you, LC! I VERY much appreciate your observations! The changes have been made.
Item edited: blog post

Appreciated! Appreciated like finding water in the desert; or like the woman who found her lost coin; actually, more like the secret glasses Nicholas Cage finds so he can read the ancient secret hidden code that the Knights Templar wrote on the back of the Declaration of Independence in the movie National Treasure. That last one describes it best.
Item edited: magazine article

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