LC Plaunt

LC Plaunt

Educator, Copyeditor, Writer
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LC Plaunt, M.Ed.

Are you a writer? Do you feel you have something important to share with the world, but it doesn’t always come out clearly?

I help writers avoid misunderstanding by teaching them how to use grammar, spelling, and punctuation to make their message clearer.

I have been an Ontario Certified Teacher since 1992, and have taught students from elementary to the post-graduate level. I have earned an Honours Bachelor of Science in Language, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education.

I am currently writing a book about the words writers mix up. Sometimes spelling mistakes don’t really matter much, but sometimes an incorrect spelling can create another word that means something totally different, or even the opposite of what was intended. You can see examples and explanations of these mix-ups in my Monday Muddle posts.