Tuesday Two

Write a story with only two sentences. Use the photo for inspiration if you wish.

Photo from Library of Congress.

Today’s writing prompt is a little different. I usually just give you a picture without explanation, and without a connection to any event. Today’s post is in recognition of Women’s History Month. Tuesday Two is also usually a picture with nothing added by me. Posts on all other days have multiple elements and are made with Adobe Spark Post, and occasionally with Adobe Spark Video. This Tuesday Two is as well, and is itself in response to a prompt. 

A photo of Susie King Taylor taken from her 1902 memoir. Caption: Susie King Taylor was born a slave in Liberty County, Georgia in 1848. From the age of seven, she lived with her grandmother who arranged for her to be educated secretly. She was given her freedom by the Union Army in 1862, and, at their request, started a school for liberated slave children. She also worked as a laundress and a nurse until the end of the war. She accomplished many firsts in her life—first African-American woman to teach freed slaves, to be a nurse in the Union Army, and to write a memoir of her wartime experiences, which she did in 1902.