Thursday Thought #SharonMcMahon

I watched a very moving interview with Sharon McMahon (@sharonsaysso) and Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) on Instagram. It was about helping people in need, and this quotation came from that interview. When Sharon said it, Carlos suggested it should be put on a t-shirt, so I made a post for each of them.

Sharon has a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart; we need more people like her in this world. If you want to be inspired and have your hope in humanity restored, you should check out her Instagram account: @sharonsaysso

A smiling, young boy giving a jar of bright yellow flowers to his smiling mother who has squatted down to receive them. There is a view of mountains, trees, and sky behind them. Caption: Receiving is a form of generosity. ~Sharon McMahon
A graphic t-shirt printed with the words: Receiving is a form of generosity. ~Sharon McMahon

Wednesday Writing

In case you haven’t already heard the news, Amazon is starting a new platform for serial stories, called Kindle Vella. To start, it will only be available in the United States, but my guess is that it will expand its reach if it is successful. Readers will be able to …

Tuesday Two

Write a story with only two sentences. Use the photo for inspiration if you wish.

Photo by Demba JooB on Unsplash.

A man diving into, and captured just above, a body of water. His arms are straight, but his legs are bent at different angles. He may do a bellyflop.

Monday Muddle: bear, bare

The word “bear” can mean several different things depending on context. Conversely, “bare” really only means that there is nothing extra added.

The expression “bear with me” is asking for patience. The expression “bare with me” is asking for a whole lot more, and I always suggest that you want to be careful about when you use that one.

bear: (n) a large animal; (v) to carry; to withstand; to support; to provide; to give birth Part of the expression "bear with me". bare: (adj) minimal; plain; uncovered; unclothed; (v) to uncover; to remove clothing NOT part of the expression "bear with me".