Monday Muddle: browse, brows

browse: (verb) to look through items in a casual way; to examine what is for sale before buying; to look through websites on the internet brow (plural: brows): (noun) the top of a hill; a forehead; often used in the plural as a short form for eyebrows

Monday Muddle: stalk, stock

stalk: (noun) the stem of a plant; a similar supporting structure on other objects; (verb) to pursue persistently, often with the intention to harass or harm stock: (noun) goods or inventory kept available for sale or use; (finance) shares of a company; (culinary) the base of a soup, sauce, or …

Monday Muddle: rational, rationale

rational: (adjective) reasonable; logical; sensible; able to think clearly; (noun) a rational number rationale: (noun) the reasons or thoughts that lead to making a decision, taking an action, or holding a belief; the logical basis for taking an action

Monday Muddle: wander, wonder

wander: (verb) to walk slowly; to stroll; to leave the pre-determined path and go a route you choose, often without a clear destination; (noun) the act of wandering wonder: (noun) a sense of awe, amazement, surprise, or admiration, usually at experiencing something inexplicable or out of the ordinary and often …

Monday Muddle: Tudor, tutor

Tudor: (adjective) referring to the royal dynasty that reigned in England from 1485 until 1603; (noun) a member of the Tudor family; a style of architecture that was prevalent during the Tudor period, known to some as half-timbered houses tutor: (noun) a private teacher usually teaching one or a small …

Monday Muddle: backlist, backlog

backlist: (noun) an author’s or publisher’s list of older titles that are still available; books that are not new releases backlog: (noun) (general) an accumulation of unfinished tasks or unfilled orders; (project management) list of what needs to be done to complete a project

Monday Muddle: lyre, liar

lyre: (noun) a stringed instrument, typically made in a U shape with a crossbar at the opening on which strings are attached; often compared to a harp liar: (noun) a person who does not tell the truth,; someone who tells lies

Monday Muddle: overtime, over time

overtime: (noun) the period of time that is beyond the amount of time scheduled; typically used in relation to extra work hours or extra time in a sporting event added to allow a player or team to break the tie; the payment for work done beyond regular hours over time: …