Monday Muddle: peek, peak

peek: (noun) a quick look or glance; (verb) to take a quick look or glance, often secretively Used in the expression “a sneak peek”. peak: (noun) the summit; pointed top; highest level; (verb) to reach the highest level NOT used in the expression “a sneak peek”. A sneak peak is …

Monday Muddle: than, then

than: (conjunction, preposition) used to link two parts of a comparison; used with “more’, less’, and ‘fewer’ to indicate amounts (a group of more than 10 people); used to state a preference between two objects then: (adverb) next; afterward; at a specified time “I would rather have the cookie than …

Monday Muddle: hear, here

hear: (verb) the action of processing information with your ears Used in the expression, “Hear! Hear!” here: (adverb) indicates your current location; confirms your attendance NOT used in the expression, “Hear! Hear!”

Monday Muddle: advise, advice

advise: (verb) to give counsel, tips or suggestions advice: (noun) the counsel, tips or suggestions that are given If you want the verb–the word that represents the action–spell it with an S. If you want the noun, spell it with a C.

Monday Muddle: strait, straight

strait: (noun) a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water Used in the expression “dire straits” straight: (adjective) (adverb) moving in one direction; level; upright; not crooked, curved, or bent NOT used in the expression “dire straits”.

Monday Muddle: affect, effect

By far the most common uses of affect and effect are affect as a verb and effect as a noun. The memory trick I use to help keep them straight is that affect is an action and starts with A. A is for action. Effect is a consequence or end result. E is for end. And if you have trouble remembering which is which, I would recommend trying to avoid the less common versions.

Monday Muddle affect: (verb) to alter; to change; to make a difference to; to sway the emotions of; (noun) facial expressions, gestures, vocal sounds that display emotion, often insincerely effect: (noun) end result; consequence; change resulting from an action or other cause; used in the term "special effects": (verb) to cause something to happen; usually used in the expression "to effect change"