Wednesday Writing

Sometimes in my conversations with authors, I find out that their families don’t support them. Often family members don’t understand, and sometimes they actively oppose the authors’ work. I’ve heard authors say that their spouse forbids them to write. I find that very sad, and I’m frustrated on their behalf. These are people who work full-time jobs to pay the bills, participate in family activities, and just want an hour or two of alone time each week. I wonder if they would be allowed to have a hobby other than writing. Would they be allowed to watch sports on TV? Play a musical instrument? Go jogging? Read? Or are they not entitled to any time to pursue their own interests no matter what they are? If this describes you, I want to remind you that your writing matters. Don’t give up!

A young man sitting outside on a concrete wall writing in a notebook. A baseball cap hides his face from view as he looks down at his notes.

Tuesday Two

Write a story with only two sentences. Use the photo for inspiration if you wish.

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash.

A soccer player elevated at a 45 degree angle from the ground, reaching for a soccer ball in front of the net and a crowd of onlookers on the sidelines.