Wednesday Writing

In case you haven’t already heard the news, Amazon is starting a new platform for serial stories, called Kindle Vella. To start, it will only be available in the United States, but my guess is that it will expand its reach if it is successful. Readers will be able to …

Wednesday Writing

Sometimes in my conversations with authors, I find out that their families don’t support them. Often family members don’t understand, and sometimes they actively oppose the authors’ work. I’ve heard authors say that their spouse forbids them to write. I find that very sad, and I’m frustrated on their behalf. These are people who work full-time jobs to pay the bills, participate in family activities, and just want an hour or two of alone time each week. I wonder if they would be allowed to have a hobby other than writing. Would they be allowed to watch sports on TV? Play a musical instrument? Go jogging? Read? Or are they not entitled to any time to pursue their own interests no matter what they are? If this describes you, I want to remind you that your writing matters. Don’t give up!

A young man sitting outside on a concrete wall writing in a notebook. A baseball cap hides his face from view as he looks down at his notes.

Wednesday Writing

Writers need readers, and readers need writers.

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Wednesday Writing

Although it is an editor’s job to catch all of your mistakes and omissions, editors are still human. The more overwhelmed they are with all the little things that you could have fixed yourself, the less energy they will have for the things you wouldn’t have caught. Help them to help you by making your manuscript as clean as possible.

A red pen against a white page with this caption: The Value of Self-Editing The cleaner you can make your manuscript before sending it to an editor, the better job your editor will do for you, and the less money it will cost.