Thursday Thought #SharonMcMahon

I watched a very moving interview with Sharon McMahon (@sharonsaysso) and Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) on Instagram. It was about helping people in need, and this quotation came from that interview. When Sharon said it, Carlos suggested it should be put on a t-shirt, so I made a post for each of them.

Sharon has a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart; we need more people like her in this world. If you want to be inspired and have your hope in humanity restored, you should check out her Instagram account: @sharonsaysso

A smiling, young boy giving a jar of bright yellow flowers to his smiling mother who has squatted down to receive them. There is a view of mountains, trees, and sky behind them. Caption: Receiving is a form of generosity. ~Sharon McMahon
A graphic t-shirt printed with the words: Receiving is a form of generosity. ~Sharon McMahon