Monday Muddle: overtime, over time

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Monday Muddle: overtime: (noun) the period of time that is beyond the amount of time scheduled; typically used in relation to extra work hours or extra time in a sporting event added to allow a player or team to break the tie; the payment for work done beyond regular hours over time: (preposition + noun) gradually; over a period of time

“Opinions can change over time” means that as people grow and learn more, they many change their beliefs on a given subject. 

“Opinions can change overtime” indicates that you have an understanding employer who is willing to not only listen to but also potentially act upon your feedback regarding the extra hours that you work. 

Monday Muddle: apart, a part

Monday Muddle: apart: (adjective)(adverb) not together; separated; at a distance a part: (indefinite article + noun) a piece; some but not all; one of multiple components that form a whole

These terms are basically opposites of each other. One means not together; the other indicates that it goes together with at least one additional part. If you are including either term in love notes to your sweetheart, you are going to want to get it right.

Memory Tip: The term without a space–where the letters are all together–is the one that means not together.