Monday Muddle: stalk, stock

A couple important points to remember:

You probably wouldn’t stalk shelves.

A laughing stalk is probably some kind of character in an animated feature. A laughingstock is a person, or thing, that is being ridiculed or mocked.

Monday Muddle: stalk: (noun) the stem of a plant; a similar supporting structure on other objects; (verb) to pursue persistently, often with the intention to harass or harm stock: (noun) goods or inventory kept available for sale or use; (finance) shares of a company; (culinary) the base of a soup, sauce or stew; (verb) to keep a supply of items to have on hand or make available for sale (e.g. to stock shelves in a store)

Monday Muddle: wander, wonder

To wander about a place is not the same as to wonder about a place. If you have never been to a place, you may have wondered about it, but you have not wandered about it.

Monday Muddle: wander: (verb) to walk slowly; to stroll; to leave the pre-determined path and go a route you choose, often without a clear destination; (noun) the act of wandering wonder: (noun) a sense of awe, amazement, surprise, or admiration, usually at experiencing something inexplicable or out of the ordinary and often beautiful; (verb) to be curious; to want to know; to want to get information or an explanation

Monday Muddle: Tudor, tutor

If you see a sign for “Tutoring”, someone is offering to help you with your academic pursuits. If you see a sign for “Tutoring”, that could possibly be an offer for historical reenactments or house renovations.

Monday Muddle: Tudor: (adjective) referring to the Royal dynasty that reigned in England from 1485 until 1603; (noun) a member of the Tudor family; a style of architecture that was prevalent during the Tudor period, known to some as half-timbered houses tutor: (noun) a private teacher usually teaching one or a small number of students; (verb) to teach one or a small number of students outside a traditional classroom setting

Monday Muddle: overtime, over time

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Monday Muddle: overtime: (noun) the period of time that is beyond the amount of time scheduled; typically used in relation to extra work hours or extra time in a sporting event added to allow a player or team to break the tie; the payment for work done beyond regular hours over time: (preposition + noun) gradually; over a period of time

“Opinions can change over time” means that as people grow and learn more, they many change their beliefs on a given subject. 

“Opinions can change overtime” indicates that you have an understanding employer who is willing to not only listen to but also potentially act upon your feedback regarding the extra hours that you work.