Wednesday Writing

What brings you joy as a writer?

One of the things that brings me joy is supporting other writers. The whole purpose of what I post on Mondays is to help writers to write more clearly. One of the other things I like to do is read advance copies of books to either give feedback or to be able to help promote books during launch week. This is launch week for Sarah Ray Schwarcz and her middle grade novel, “Game over, ShrinkWithers”.

“Game Over, ShrinkWithers” sounds like it might be just about a game, except that the future of the Earth is at stake. Jenny and Branch and their parents have to work together to solve dilemmas and get themselves out of precarious situations. If they lose, the Earth will lose too. But it isn’t easy, because as Terrence will tell you, “We don’t know everything about everything.” The book is packed with action and suspense, and the brilliant imagination of Sarah Ray Schwarcz. Your middle grade readers are sure to love it, but if you don’t have any of those, don’t let that stop you from enjoying it too.

The cover of a middle grade novel, "Game Over, ShrinkWithers", by Sarah Ray Schwarcz. The cover shows two children standing hand in hand on a grassy hillside overlooking hills and valleys filled with evergreen trees.

Wednesday Writing

Do you still keep physical copies of reference works nearby while you write, or do you rely solely on Internet sources? Maybe some of each? What are your favourites?

What reference works do you keep nearby while you are writing?

Wednesday Writing

Whether you are traditionally published, not yet published, or an indie, you will be responsible for growing your audience. What methods are you using to achieve that goal?

What are you doing to grow your author platform?

Wednesday Writing

What grammar issue–simple or complex–always seems to trip you up? What does your editor always point out as a mistake, but you don’t understand why?

What grammar issue would you like to understand better?