Monday Muddle: cymbal, symbol

This muddle always reminds me of a post that said John Cougar once threw drums and symbols into the audience during a concert. I don’t think the way I picture that in my mind is quite the way it happened. 😀  

Monday Muddle: cymbal: (n) a musical instrument; a thin, concave plate made of metal than when struck makes a ringing sound 
symbol: (n) an icon, mark, or character used to represent meaning without using words; + - % @ # & $ € £ §

Monday Muddle: moot, mute

Monday Muddle: If you are speaking to, or writing for, an international audience, using the word “moot” might cause confusion. The meaning generally accepted in North America is basically the opposite of what is understood in the rest of the world. #MonMud

moot: (adj) hypothetical; (globally) debatable; (North America) not worth debating Used in the expression, "it’s a moot point". mute: (adj) speechless; unable to speak NOT used in the expression, "it’s a moot point".

Monday Muddle: copywrite, copyright

Monday Muddle: Even copywriters aren’t likely to use the word “copywrite” unless they are talking about the rapper or the disk duplicator. (In both those cases, it should have a capital C.) And your spellchecker will almost certainly underline it. Mine did. If you see “copywrite” followed by a date, you can bet that the writer meant “copyright”. #MonMud

Monday Muddle: Copywrite: (verb) to write copy, generally for business or advertising. Rare back-formation from copywriting. Copyright: (noun) the authority to copy creative content (aka intellectual property).