Monday Muddle: brake, break

When the verb “break” is used to mean pause, it is often stated as the phrase “to take a break”. But after working for an extended period it is also common for someone to say, “Let’s break for coffee.” 

Working with someone on your breaks does not mean the same thing as working with someone on your brakes. 

Saying your car has new breaks is not a good idea if you are trying to sell it. New brakes, however, would be worth mentioning.

Monday Muddle: brake: (noun) a device used to stop a process or machinery, typically a vehicle in motion; (verb) to apply brakes; to stop break: (noun) a pause at work; an interruption or disruption of progress; a crack or fracture; a change that potentially leads to something better; (verb) to damage, crack, fracture or divide into pieces; to interrupt; to pause