Monday Muddle: grammar, grammer

grammar: (noun) the study of the structure of language, word order, and how words change (according to tense, for example); the system of rules that guides the use of language; a book about grammar

grammer: (noun) an affectionate term for someone who uses Instagram (who may or may not care about grammar)

Grammar can also be an adjective when it is used to describe something else. For example: grammar class, grammar mistake, grammar lover (that’s me).

I have seen “grammar” spelled as “grammer” many, many times. I always considered it a spelling mistake that wasn’t really confusing. It was truly a case of “you know what I meant, right?” But recently I took a class with Dawn Baxter (@beyond_the dawn), and she referred to people who use Instagram as grammers. As it turns out, I am a grammar grammer.